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London Loves

London Loves

Modern day dating in the big city

TV Series - Comedy/ Drama

Meet Ben, meet Hannah; both single, both looking for love in the big city. London Loves is the story of how they find each other.


London Loves is a social commentary on modern day dating and relationships packaged as a fun, romantic comedy.


It features zany, interesting characters akin to a traditional romantic comedy but also has a modern day edge. London Loves is the ‘Coupling’ of the 2020s and a truly contemporary take on the rom-com genre.

London Loves is currently in development and a short film version of the first episode is scheduled to be shot in Autumn 2022. Director Irene Maffei and actors Leo Jannati and Jennifer Aries are attached to the project.

Image by Tim Hüfner

Moss Bank Drive

Shameless meets The Sopranos; the story of a Manchester crime family over five decades.

TV Series - Drama

It’s 1975 and Jason Taylor has just been released from prison after being sent down for a botched bank robbery. Now in his mid-twenties, Jason must decide whether he reforms or goes back to a life of crime.

Moss Bank Drive follows the rise and fall of a Manchester crime family through the decades. The project captures the drama of the characters and their stories and intertwines it with various historical cultural UK events of the late 20th Century. It is a British history lesson as much as it is an edgy, gangster drama.

This project is currently in development.

Moss Bank Drive
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